Advocacy 101

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Take action

Visit the Action Alert Center to see what current issues the VRMA is engaged in and working on your behalf.

  • Click on the issue of interest.
  • Simply add you contact information.
  • Review the ready-to-send letter that we have drafted for you.
  • Click send.

Learn from the experts

Check out the VRMA Advocacy Toolkit for informative resources on advocacy-related topics to help you fight restrictive short-term rental regulations.

Video Resources

Organizing into an Alliance    Connecting with Policy Makers    Speaking to Policy Makers

Engage your policy makers

(Download the 2018 National Policy Agenda)

  • Educate your representatives about our industry and your business and meet your employees. Email or write to your elected officials, whether it is a mayor, council member, state representative or U.S. Senator, and invite them for a visit.
  • Utilize the VRMA National Policy Agenda to explain what our industry stands for and our views on short-term rental regulations, taxes, and more.
  • Make it a photo opportunity!
  • Send a thank you note and send copies of the photos.
  • Click here for other tips on engaging public officials.