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The VRMA Advocacy Toolkit has expanded once again. The new tools will assist members in creating local and regional organizations to be advocates for the short-term rental market place. A set of videos has been added on various topics you may encounter while forming your advocacy organization. These short videos were designed to give you quick access to tips and how-to information.

If you are just beginning your organization, you should watch “Organizing into an Alliance,” where Matt Kiessling, vice president of Short-Term Rental Policy at the Travel Technology Association, provides insight into organizing groups. Matt has traveled the country organizing managers, property owners and hosts into alliances to fight local regulations.

Once you begin organizing, you should view “Engaging Stakeholders” and learn more about how to find allies in your community and engage them with your cause. The video series also features interviews with Robert St. Genis, executive director of the Los Angeles Short-Term Rental Alliance (LA STRA). He expands the conversation in “Engaging Members of an Alliance,” where he assists in the understanding of some of the tools and techniques needed to get members involved.

Once you are organized, members have joined and are engaged in activities, it is time to sustain your organization and hold discussions with policy makers, or attend legislative meetings and provide public comments.

To keep the organization running and expanding, you may need to raise funds to hire a lobbyist or to pay for printing and other office expenses. Robert details how LA-STRA fundraises and how they use their funding.

We conclude the video series with “Connecting with Policy Makers,” “Speaking with Policy Makers,” “Working with the Press,” and “RoomScore 2016.” These will provide you guidance on how to actually connect with law makers, provide relevant data and keep members updated on the vacation rental industry. Andrew Moylan, executive director of R Street, provides an in-depth discussion of R Street’s RoomScore guide that grades communities on their short-term rental rules that can then be used to support your arguments.

These videos and other short reading materials are available in the Advocacy Toolkit on the VRMA Website. Utilize these to help you organize and get your creative thought process flowing to expand your organization and its influence.

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